Transportation of the aquarium

During an apartment move with, in addition to standard furniture and boxes of belongings, sometimes there are more complex tasks, such as moving a piano or a large TV. One of the most difficult items to transport is an aquarium. Some loaders undertake to transport the aquarium directly along with water and soil – this should never be done, otherwise the seams of the aquarium may be destroyed.

The aquarium must first be dismantled, then all equipment removed.

Put stones and sand separately in a bucket, but you can’t wash it! If the aquarium is small, you can leave the soil inside. Plants are transported in bags with water.

The aquarium must be packed with tape, thick cardboard or bubble wrap. When carrying, it is necessary to hold on to the bottom, trying not to touch the walls of the aquarium.

It is better to transport fish in jars or special bags, which can be bought at an aquarium store, no more than 10 pieces per 1 liter. It is better to wrap the jar with opaque material and insulate it in winter, pour water from the aquarium ..

Experts recommend that you stop feeding the fish a day before the move and move them to a jar immediately before the move.

If it is not possible to transport all the water from the aquarium to a new location, it is necessary to equalize the temperature and chemical composition of the water in the jar and the aquarium. To do this, fill the aquarium with water from the old half, and half of the new, pre-settled. Then lower the fish in the jar into the aquarium for 15 minutes, this will allow the temperature in the jar and in the aquarium to equalize.