What should I ask a moving company representative?

In order not to get confused during the first conversation, we have compiled a list of questions for you that will allow you not to make a mistake in choosing the best mover.

Is a free relocation estimate included in the list of company services? Comparison of conditions of different firms is carried out, first of all, on the basis of the cost of their services. If the manager refuses to initially calculate the estimated amount due, then what kind of invoice can they give you as a result?

How is the final cost of the entire move formed? The invoice issued must contain a clear number of services provided and their cost. No options for “extra. expenses” should not be.

Procedure and terms of payment? It is important to clarify whether prepayment is required. As a rule, companies that have firmly occupied their niche do not practice this.

Can the initial cost of an office move change? Ideally, when the amount is indicated before the start of work and does not change according to the contract. In any case, this nuance should be clarified at the time of signing the agreement.

Does the company have a storage warehouse?

Does the state have its own movers? Professional moving companies do not allow employees “from the street” in their work.

Do not forget that new offices and firms are opening daily, which must be filled with furniture, appliances and household appliances.